Mission and Philosophy of CMCP

The mission of Clemmons Moravian Church Preschool is to enrich the lives of children through God’s love in a developmentally appropriate way focused on social, emotional, physical, academic, and spiritual growth.

We believe in providing an atmosphere where each child is able to learn and grow spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.  With loving care, we help foster a positive self-image, learning to respect ourselves and others, and building friendships. Every child is unique, and we strive to give attention to their needs. We believe in teaching the whole child.

Our half-day Program

Offers learning opportunities for children ages 1-6

With our mission and philosophy in mine, CMCP strives to serve children from 1 year of age through 6 years of age to meet the needs for developmentally appropriate education of all children in our community and carries out by using teaching methods based on a knowledge and understanding of child development. In planning our curriculum, we use motivating activities (things children and teachers are interested in) to help the children learn as many skills as possible. Our school year is divided into several units or topics, and each activity during the day will relate to that specific topic.

We offer a-la-cart scheduling. Children in our 1’s, 2’s and 3’s classes can attend Tuesdays/Thursdays, Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays, Mondays through Thursdays, or 5 days a week. Children in our PreK 4’s can attend Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays, Mondays through Thursdays, or 5 days a week. For all age groups except our Transitional Kindergarten Class, children can attend either 8am to 12pm (breakfast bunch package), 9am to 12pm, or 9am to 1pm (lunch bunch package). Children in our Transitional Kindergarten class must attend 5 days a week 9am to 1pm. (Please note under state law, students cannot attend CMCP more than 4 hours a day.)

Our 3-hour school day is divided into many opportunities to learn and grow from learning to engage socially with peers, learning skills to help understand and regulate big feelings, engaging in early learning through engaging instruction, and more. Children attending will have playground time daily (weather permitting) and snack (provided unless there are food allergies). All children attend Music class between 1-2 days a week (depending on your child’s weekly schedule) where they learn about rhythms, beats, and instruments. All children also attend a Movement class 1 day a week (depending on your child’s weekly schedule). Children in our PreK and TK classes attend Spanish class and have Mr. Bill’s Stem Class also added to their schedules.

Interested in delaying your child’s start to Kindergarten? Does your child miss the cut-off by 2 months? Then our Transitional Kindergarten Class is the right fit for your child!

Kindergarten is different than it use to be! If your child turns 5 on or before October 31st, they can enroll in our Readiness Class. This class is especially geared towards students that could have gone to Kindergarten or missed the cut off. The teacher is a licensed Elementary Education Teacher with experience working with students both in Preschool and Elementary School. She knows where your child is coming from and where your child is going! The curriculum is geared with the developmental appropriateness of a 5 year old, incorporating English Language Arts and Math objectives from Kindergarten. Because the program starts where your child is at, and helps grow your child, it is flexible regardless if your child needs academic challenge and/or social emotional development.

For more information, click the link below, or call Angela to discuss your child’s needs and schedule a tour.

Interested in working at CMCP?

Teachers that work at CMCP have many benefits.

Angela Hicks

Angela Hicks

Preschool Director

(336) 766-7408 ext. 1010



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Together in Education

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Harris Teeter will give our preschool 2% of all purchaes on Harris Teeter brand products if you participate in Together in Education at your local Harris Teeter grocery store. From August – May just ask your cashier to link your Harris Teeter VIC card to Clemmons Moravian Preschool with code 4703. Thanks for your support!

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