Yadkin View RCC Gathering

Yadkin View RCC Gathering

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(Click play to view a slideshow with pictures from the event.)

“The Moravian Cherokee Connection” was a very successful event for the Yadkin View RCC on April 9, 2016. Over 150 people attended and seemed to enjoy the speakers. Reverend Dr. Daniel Crews was informative and very entertaining by employing his dry sense of humor who spoke on the topic of Moravians and Cherokees, and their their mutual respect for each other.  Dr. John Hutton spoke about a book he wrote which told the tale of a Cherokee girl at Salem College. Celeste Handy also spoke about the culture of Native Americans today.

This event was so successful because of the support and hard work of so many groups and individuals at Clemmons Moravian Church. The event was also able to raise over $800 through generous donations for the Oaks Indian Mission. The Oaks is a residential child care facility for Native American children located in Oaks, Oklahoma.

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