Teddy Bears for Tots 2016

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Thanks to the efforts of Clemmons Moravian Music Ministry and the Music Director Jerry Jones, The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department just received some new friends to help them out in the community. On Wednesday January 20th, Sergeant Sayers and his friends picked up 471 stuffed animals. 4These plush friends are used by the Sheriff’s Department to help bring comfort and joy to children in various ways. Many of them will go into trunks of the patrol cars to be handed out to children involved in traumatic situations. Others will travel to Brenner’s Children’s Hospital where children are being treated for various things including cancer and trauma. Some are also given out during the First Wednesday event at the Dixie Classic Fair. On that day, children with special needs are invited to the fair, and the Sheriff’s Department is there to greet them with a stuffed friend. Regardless of where these lucky plushy animals end up, they all will bring comfort and joy to the hearts of children.


5Since 2010, Jerry has led Clemmons Moravian Church’s Teddy Bears for Tots drive, and has collected over 2,500 bears and other animals.The impressive total was not accomplished without tremendous support of members and friends. David Knesel and his wife decided another drop off location would help get more plushy animals into the hands of children. They expanded the cause, and have been collecting stuffed animals at Wake Forest Baptist Church in Winston-Salem over the past few years. The Music Ministry is committed to continue to help provide these cuddly companions for the community this year, also.




If you would like to donate to the Teddy Bears for Tots program call

Clemmons Moravian Church at 336-766-6273.

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