Summer of Learning – Week 8

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Picture a Story


~ Paper         ~Crayons or markers


1. Have your child draw a series of four or five pictures.

2. Have her then dictate a story to go with each picture.

3. You can write the story on the bottom of the picture as it is told.

 Learning Objectives

Being able to tell a logical sequence of events is a huge milestone in development. This is the very foundation that reading comprehension begins. Kindergartners have to be able to tell the beginning, middle and end of the story. What better way to work on that skill than with some creative stories!

Believe it or not, this activity also allows your child to practice making connections and relationships as well! They are also utilizing their creativity and imagination that will make them fantastic writers and story tellers.

Word of caution: Your child has their own ideas about the way things connect. Instead of telling them that it is not possible for that to happen, ask them "How did that happen?" or even "What made that happen?" These two questions allow your child to think through what took place rather than feel like what they said was wrong in some way. You want to build relationships and confidence, not the other way around. 🙂


References: Copyright © 1998 by Patricia Kuffner. Excerpted from The Preschooler's Busy Book with permission of 
its publisher, Meadowbrook Press as acquired by

Great online interactive counting activity can be found at:


Click here to go to Story Maker

 Story Maker!

This is a great site that will let your child do the activity digitally.

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