Our 5 Year Old Readiness Class is a hybrid of kindergarten and preschool. We take the best of what makes Clemmons Moravian Church Preschool great, and add in Kindergarten standards in English Language Arts and Math.

We encourage you to attend our Readiness Night which will be held Wednesday February 20th at 6pm.

During this informative session, parents will gain information that is relevant and research based about Kindergarten readiness to guide the important decision to start Kindergarten or to delay until 6 years of age. We will cover the Pros and Cons of starting Kindergarten at age 5, or delaying start until age 6.

This informational session is open to ANY parent whose child will be eligible for Kindergarten in the fall, and do not have to be currently enrolled in our program at CMCP.

Missed the meeting? Schedule a time to come in and get personal one-on-one advice, discussion, visit the classroom, and even more research to help you make your decision easier.

Resources for helping answer your questions about whether your child should attend the 5 Year Old Readiness Class.

(Below are some links to resources to help you make your decision.)

FAQ sheet

Is My Child Kindergarten Ready?

Breaking Down the Concepts (Where should my child be developmentally based on skills and concepts?)

What does the research say about delay starting children?

(Below are some links to resources to help you make your decision.)

Ready, steady … stay at home? The benefits of a delayed school start

Kindergarten Redshirting: How Kids Feel About it Later in Life

What do parents say that have participated in this class?

We all know that parents are the best way to gather information. Check out the parent testimonials that were submitted. Also, go on our Facebook website! Ask our parents openly what they think.

The readiness program at Clemmons Moravian has helped my daughter to grow and thrive,both academically and socially. My daughter’s skills in the areas of phonics and letters, numbers and the fundamentals of math, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, independence and social and emotional maturity have all significantly improved throughout the course of the school year. It is a joy to see her succeed and to watch her develop pride in her successes. My daughter will enter Kindergarten next year as a confident and well-prepared little girl!

Shana Folk

Readiness is the “old” kindergarten, meaning it has the same standards if not more than when we entered kindergarten decades ago. Science experiences are a favorite among this class, hitting standards that would make any kindergarten teacher smile. The Readiness was a wonderful experience and we were blessed to have a child go through that class.

Katie Sheldon