Mother’s Morning Out

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An Inside Look at Mother’s Morning Out

By: Angela Hicks

One of our great programs we offer here at Clemmons Moravian Preschool is Mother’s Morning Out. Don’t let the name fool you! Mothers I am sure enjoy the morning running errands and taking care of things (having a morning out) but truth is this is a learning environment not just a drop off!

There is a lot of value to brining your child to a program like this. Just with a simple Google search you can discover many articles and information written about the importance of learning socialization and self-discipline skills early towards building a well-rounded child.

I had the opportunity to visit the Mother’s Morning Out Class over the last two weeks. I spent time talking to the teacher, Ms. Judy, and watching the children grow and develop. It was amazing to see how far they had already come in just a few short days. I watched little ones develop from shy and scared, to confident and comfortable!

Ms. Judy also worked in some amazing educational skills too. They started to learn how to line up which seems so simple to the older children, but was new and different for the younger ones. She started implementing routines, schedules, and self-control with a very basic calendar time routine. These little ones had to sit still for up to 10 minutes and listen to stories, sing songs, and even listen to the teacher count as she was pointing to the numbers.

Outside play was on the agenda every day, but even that was turned into opportunities to grow and develop in numerous ways. One example is how Ms. Judy helped the little ones work on their gross motor skills by climbing up and down on the play equipment stairs (with the goal of going down the slide which all children enjoy!)

Back in the room, art was combined with shapes and fine motor skill development to help children in developing early skills for learning to write and draw.  Each of the days, children were given a shape drawn out on the piece of paper. They were encouraged to color inside the shape, and using hand-over-hand techniques the teachers help them trace the shape if appropriate.  All the while the teachers were naming the shape and pointing out other examples if available of that shape all around.

One of the most important things that took place on a daily bases though was cleanup. Doesn’t sound fun or impressive, but believe it or not cleaning up helps children develop everything from organizational techniques to character development. The teachers did not do all the cleaning up for them, but assisted the children in learning how to clean up in a fun and meaningful way.

As you can see Mother’s Morning Out Class really is something that benefits these children greatly! Therefore it should be no surprise that parents appreciate the time for themselves to get things done, but understand the value of that time for their children.

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