First Week Fun!!!

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Wow it is hard to believe the first week of school has already passed! What an adventure and wonderful experience we have all been having too! Here is a sneak peak into a little bit of what each group has experienced this week:

Mother's Morning Out:

These little darlings did not even come for a full week, but have already been learning so much! They began working on their coloring by coloring a triangle, learned where all the fun toys are located, and began learning how to line up and go outside (then come back inside again!)

2 Year Olds

Its amazing how adaptive these little ones got at lining up and staying together this week! They also had fun with building towers, and getting to know each other activities. Puzzles were also a big hit.

3 Year Olds

Measurement was on the agenda this week, and they had fun with that! The students made block structures and compared their height (and their classmates) to the structures. Then they also looked at their weight and compared that to other things as well.

4 year olds

Getting to know you activities are fun, especially when you get to wear an alligator puppet! They also did art and music projects, and read some wonderful books. Painting the apples though was definitely fun!

5 year olds

A visit from the first letterland character: M kicked off a learning about Me week. They also established class routines, and expectations.


What a great first week! We look forward to next week's activities for sure! Please remember that the preschool is closed Monday for Labor Day!

Sept 4

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