3 Year old Preschool Class

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A Look inside the 3 Year Old Preschool Class

By Angela Hicks

One of the most interesting things I can tell you about the 3 year old preschool class here at Clemmons Moravian Preschool is the constant state of learning and discovery built into every lesson.

Right from the beginning students entering the classroom have to unpack their book bags, and place their folders in the correct "turn in" location. This may seem on the surface as simple, but I challenge you to watch this happen with a classroom of 3 year old children! However, it is so important to build those routines and expectations early. Being able to build and expect responsibilities is critical in becoming independent learners in elementary school.

Mrs. Sara Jones, shows off her love for children from start to end of their day. She greets each one at the door and says good bye to each one as they leave. She clearly knows how to make her children feel welcomed and loved.

Which is probably why she is able to get so much out of them! Spending time with the busy group was a whirlwind of fun and learning. In my first few visits, I was able to watch letter recognition game used with the musical chairs idea. Each chair had a letter on it. This week it was the letters A and B, since those were the two they have been studying over the last two weeks. When the music stopped, the children sat in the chair. Then she did a variety of activities including "Say what letter was in their chair" or "If you have the letter B, stand up."

During Science, she incorporated the letter B in such a fun way. Taking straws and blowing into milk, students made bubbles! (Bubbles start with B) They also talked about where the bubbles came from (air blown into the milk).

One of the great things that Mrs. Jones has done though was the "Hugs Letters." She had each student make a picture of a hug, and then mailed it to the students grandparents with a note asking for them to write about how much they love their grandchild. Then the letters were read to the class, with the student who the letter was intended for, sitting proudly in front of everyone. You can imagine how special that child felt hearing all the wonderful things their grandparents said about them!

I could go on and on about the wonderful things that occur in this classroom from story time circles, to learning how to take turns with a talking stick, and learning about colors through "Color of the Week." Oh and don't forget about the Creature Teacher! Her class is visited by this special person who brings in an animal to share and teach about to the class.

It is no wonder that the 3 year old preschool program at Clemmons Moravian Preschool is the place to be for any active and curious child!

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